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Why conduct a workplace review? Quite often organisations experience systemic or cultural problems which cause serious disruption and disharmony in the workplace.

Often these issues may be long standing or involve many staff in the organisation causing a work environment to become potentially toxic.

These issues may be caused for a variety of reasons such as; organisational change, general disharmony in the workplace about treatment by management and/or other staff, employee entitlements, staff turnover, performance management, ongoing allegations of bullying, harassment and general inappropriate conduct, cultural diversity and conduct in general.

In these cases, a workplace investigation may not always be the most appropriate avenue to deal with the matter.
INVisions workplace reviews are specifically designed to your particular organisation. The role of the Reviewer is to facilitate a process which is open, transparent and inclusive. Staff are invited to take part in the consultation process and are given the opportunity to discuss any matters regarding their workplace in a confidential, open and candid manner. Staff are encouraged to participate in this process in order to achieve meaningful positive changes and improvements to your workplace.

The Reviewer will then provide the organisation with a comprehensive report which clearly identifies the issues raised by staff and recommendations on how to implement positive change.

INVision has undertaken numerous workplace reviews which have all resulted in significant and long standing improvements to the workplace.

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