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Employer Liability at Christmas Parties

With the festive season fast approaching, employers are arranging their annual Christmas functions. While these celebrations provide staff, employers and clients with a great opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves in a social environment, away from the normal the constraints of work, they also have the potential to become a venue for undesirable conduct, which […]

From Cyberspace to the Workplace

Emerging technologies and the advent of social networking sites, add yet another dimension to workplace conflict in the form of cyber-bullying. Unfortunately, cyber-bullying is not just something that affects our children and teenagers – adults are now being targeted by their work colleagues via email, text messaging, posts to blogs, and web sites. Although cyber-bullying […]

Cyber Bullying in the Workplace

While the subject of cyber bullying of children and adolescents has begun to be addressed, there has been less attention on cyber bullying in the workplace. Adults in the workplace are not immune to cyber bullying, and it can manifest itself in many different forms. With the Information and Communication Technology revolution over the last […]

Managing Workplace Conflict

When people work together in groups, there are bound to be occasions when individuals have different points of view. This can lead to disagreements which may develop into conflicts in the workplace. Whether these disagreements become full-blown feuds or instead, fuel creative problem solving, is in a large part, up to the person in charge. […]